Vehicle Wrapping: Latest Buzz on the Streets

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What is a Vehicle Wrap?
Vehicle wraps are special cast vinyl sheets that can take many shapes, colors and sizes. 
A full wrap covers the entire surface of the car. Vehicle wraps are done with vinyl materials (think of it as a large decal) that conform to the shape of your vehicle. They can be done in solid colors as “paint replacement” or can have digitally printed designs on the vinyl to really make your vehicle stand out.

Does it affect the paint on my car?
These car wraps materials are formulated with removable adhesive that does not harm your cars paint. In fact, many people find that by wrapping their vehicle, it can possibly assist in keeping a higher resale value on the vehicle due to the protective benefits of the wrap to the underlying car paint.

Why Paint it?
Traditional Paint process is long and cumbersome. The vehicle needs to be sanded, primed and then painted. Then it needs to be polished to bring about that shine and remove any paint defects/irregularities. Just like other processes, the quality of the paint can make a huge difference.
On the other hand, a car wrap is removable. Wrapping a vehicle means you can include various visual tricks you can’t achieve with paint. This might mean a logo vehicle branding or digital logo images. Wrapping a vehicle also allows you to go in for special colors, finishes, textures, etc. The best thing about it is that when you grow tired of that color or look, have it removed and try something else.

Why Us?

Its not just a car wrap that we offer!
At IDE|AutoWorks™, we take each car individually and we design a complete package around it to give a completely new look. 
Coupled with carefully crafted details and thoughtful modifications, the final outcome promises a unique design that will help our customers to reflect their personality and stand out from the crowd.

IDE|AutoWorks™ is a design studio based in Gurgaon that specializes in Vehicle Graphics, Vehicle wrapping and Personalized design solutions for your car.
Founded in August 2013, by two automotive designers it has already completed over a dozen projects, which included roof wraps, custom vehicle graphics etc.

IDE|AutoWorks™ takes pride in being a certified 3M Vehicle Wrapping partner right from the conception of its design studio.

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